Green Power Philippine GP Technology Inc.

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Going Green

Going Solar


Solar Street Lights

Green Power Solar LED street lamp mainly applied in main street, sub street and commercial or residential sidewalk. Providing a better visual environment to guarantee the safety and enhance the transportation efficiency. Read More

Solar Portable Light

With 3 lighting mode cellphone charger AC charger. For indoor & outdoor use. Save on electricity & Eco Friendly Support lighting up to 8 hrs in full charge. Read More

Wind Solar Hybrid Street Lights

Suitable for communications base stations, independent power supply, large advertising billboards, domestic power supply etc. where the mean annual wind speed is low. Read More

What is GreenPower?

Philippine GreenPower Technology Inc. was established on July 14, 2010. It is a supplier and distributor of solar lights, LED lights, solar power system and other solar PV applications in the Philippines. It delivers solar power products of excellent quality to the customer nationwide.

Philippine GP is committed to costumer's success with world class quality and innovative products. It will continue to develop and provide the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective clean renewable solar power solutions to the Filipinos and the world as well.

Using solar power is a quiet big investment, but if we calculate 10 years application of it, we can actually save 50% more than using other source of electric energy. And the most important benefit of using solar electric energy is, we can help to reduce the cause of the number one environmental problem facing by our Mother Earth, the greenhouse effect and global warming. Read More

Why Choose Solar Street Light?

The cost of electricity is getting higher and higher, our solar light requires no electricity. In our world today, we are increasingly concerned with cleaner, greener, more ecologically friendly homes and businesses. Using solar street lights, we are taking a large step toward a greener and cleaner economy. Our Solar Street Lights are suitable for: Security and safety lighting, rural area lighting, park lighting, parking lot lighting, parkway lighting, walkway lighting, street lighting, outdoor area lighting, military and civil security etc. Read More